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Slab formworks with beams H20 is composed of only 5 basis elements:

  • props class D,
  • wooden beams H20
  • cross-head props
  • three-legged stands
  • plywoods.

This type of formworks is the most universal and rational solution for any type of building up to 5.9 m high ceilings performed. Each of the elements characterized by low weight while maintaining high performance strength.

Wall formworks PionBOX mini composing of shuttering panels of height 90, 120 and 150 cm, and width: 30, 45, 60 and 90 cm.

The largest slab: 90 x 150 cm weighs only 45 kg and has a handle transport allowing for easy transport and buildings. Other system components, such as: internal and external quoins/angles, articulated quoins/angles, fasteners, tie-beams, nuts, etc. permit in a simple way to form the desirable shape of the formworks.

The product of the highest quality - the outer frame slab consists of a perforated flat bar a thickness of 5 mm, a hot-dip galvanized and built high-quality birch plywood a thickness of 12 mm. The inner lattice consists of a flat connected to the jam (?), which strengthens the board structure and enhances the aesthetics of its implementation.

Introduced innovation, careful workmanship and high quality plywood, significantly extend life of the formworks.

We have launched an online store where you can buy selected elements formwork systems.

Our salespeople and consultants are waiting for your inquiries, and contact details can be found the "contact".