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The RHiNO formwork system

The RHiNO formwork system is a technically advanced product of the highest quality, designed and manufactured entirely in Poland.

The outer frame of the formwork is formed by a perforated steel profile, 121 mm wide, made of high-quality S420MC sheet, 1.75 mm thick, which has been given a characteristic asymmetrical shape. The internal ribs are made of steel profiles made of 1.25 mm thick sheet, symmetrically placed in each frame.

The RHiNO formwork system has an innovative solution in the form of steel pockets with a conical hole, therefore the complex formwork is more stable after the installation of through-tie rods. Moreover, this solution guarantees protection of the plywood against damage when it is repeatedly hit with the ties, which increases its service life.

The frame of the element is hot dip galvanized, and the frame is built with high-quality birch plywood, 15 mm thick.

The formwork frames and the corners are connected with each other by the locks. As part of the RHiNO formwork system, wedge locks (knocked in and knocked out using only a hammer), adjustable (fastened by tightening the screw), universal (allowing the width of the lock's fastener to be adjusted) and corner locks (enabling the creation of a rectangular corner using only two standard frames).

The innovative solutions used, the careful execution of weld, the use of high-quality materials for production, as well as the meticulous inspection of each element significantly extend the life of the formwork, as well as the convenience and safety of its use.

A summary of the available frame sizes in the table below:

Height of the frame Width of the frame
  0,25 m 0,30 m 0,40 m 0,45 m 0,50 m 0,55 m 0,60 m 0,65 m 0,75 m 0,90 m 1,00 m 1,20 m 1,80 m 2,40 m
0,90 m        
1,35 m    
1,50 m    
2,70 m
3,00 m