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Modular scaffolding PIONART

Modular scaffolding PIONART
Modular scaffolding PIONART type

Modular scaffolding is a type of scaffolding system, which structural elements there are separately and consist of vertical standard and horizontal ledger, while there is spacing between vertical standards for connecting to other components of scaffolding - according to EN 12811-1 standard. The scaffolding consists mainly of steel components permanently protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing.

Vertical Standard

Vertical Standard is the main element to lifting of the modular scaffolding. Using cold-working technology it is made of a single piece of material. On the vertical standards use steel tubes with a diameter of 48.3 mm x 2.7 mm thickness of steel grade. S355MH with much higher strength parameters than required (yield stress 460–470 MPa)  - according to EN 12810-1:2010 standard.





Rosette is welded onto the vertical standards and there is main element of connecting for components. There are 8 connections per rosette in spaced 45 degree to mount ledger, transom, brace and the other elements of modular scaffolding.




Wedge connections

The heads are specifically designed and adapted for the item scaffolding, they come in a few versions: O-ledger, U-ledger, Pins-ledger, brace etc. Wedges are made of low-alloy of steel grade. S500MC, which is characterized by high strength and resistance to dynamic loads.




Steel decks

Steel decks are based on high strength profile achieved through Roll Forming Technology. There are 3 types of steel decks to modular scaffolding: Steel deck - mounting on Pins-ledger, O-type steel deck - mounting on O-ledger, U-type steel deck - mounting on U-ledger.




O-ledgers, so-called. transoms, provide mounting steel deck of O-type. Deck ledgers use a variant of the installation of steel deck on pins. In the second case, it is possible to use steel decks with a frame scaffolding.




Working platforms - more possibilities

Modular Scaffolding allows you to perform work on buildings or objects with irregular shapes by building a free-standing working platforms. They can also be used to perform communication routes in the form of a stairway using aluminum stairs.