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Regeneration of formworks and scaffolding

Regeneration of formworks and scaffolding

We offer a service renovation of formworks and scaffolding systems. We have experience and hardware capabilities to perform a comprehensive service of regeneration which can extend the life of construction equipment.

The regeneration process is adjusted individually depending on the degree of damage, and grime.

Basic operations carried out during the reconstruction systems are as follows:

  • assessment of the damage and planning repairs,
  • removal of damaged coat in the form of plywood or slab plastic,
  • check the geometry and its calibration,
  • welding repair,
  • corrosion protection,
  • installation of the appropriate thickness of plywood,
  • securing the edges with silicone,
  • incorporate inscriptions and markings,
  • pre-packaging and preparation for transport.

The formworks to be regenerated:


Formworks renovated - for reuse on building :


Because of the variety of systems, plating, and the degree of damage for each case we prepare an individual quotation.