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Protection against falls from a height

Protection against falls from a height

Kapriol company was founded in 1927 with a mission to provide the most suitable equipment required on  construction site. After many years (four generations of experience) Kapriol company is known as not only a brand recognized around the world, but also a producer, providing a full range of reliable solutions of the highest quality.

Products of Kapriol company are created for those who appreciate high performance, maximum protection, comfort and supreme ease of use.

With over 2,500 products of Kapriol company, we want to present personal protective equipment to prevent falls from height.

Safety on construction sites can’t be improvised, that’s why Kapriol company by its experience and the use of the latest innovative materials, has created products for working at height while maintaining maximum protection against falls.

In addition to the meticulous research and testing, Kapriol also puts attention to aesthetics, using various combinations of sewing patterns and colors, which makes use of the harness is not only safe and comfortable, but also fashionable and attractive.

All products of Kapriol company meet the conditions personal protection equipment (PPE) and safety requirements laid down in Directive 89/686/EEC.

Safety Products of Kapriol company are approved by major European certification body (CETE APAVE Südeuropa, TUV, ECS and DGUV​​), which shall issue a certificate for each product on the completion of the certification process.

Products are CE certified and comply with EN 361, EN 355, EN 397.