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Concrete buckets and handling equipments

Concrete buckets and handling equipments

Introducing the offer of Boscaro company - manufacturer of equipment for the transport of concrete mixture, pallets and bulk materials on the construction site.

As a representative of Boscaro we offer over 100 high quality products, made ​​in accordance with EN 13155.

All products are designed using data-processing systems that provide reliable calculations and technical documentation. Then pass strength tests before sale. Quality control, use for the production of high quality steel and 30 years experience manufacturer, which will guarantee receipt of a certified product of the highest quality.

Breakdown of Boscaro products is as follows:

  • concrete buckets with a capacity to 2500 l,
  • self dumping bins with a capacity to 3000 l,
  • crane forks with a capacity to 2000 kg,
  • crane accessories,
  • handling equipments,
  • safety equipments.