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Containers and fences

Containers and fences

Introducing the offer of EDILEUGANEA company, which we are representative in Poland.

The company produces a wide range of office containers, storage containers, specialist containers and fences.

Containers may exist as a separate entity or a group representing social facilities or office, in different sizes and with equipment adapted to the needs of the customer.

The versatility, aesthetics of performance, diversity, strength, are just some of the advantages that can find in a comfortable air-conditioned sales office, gatehouse for a security guard, car showroom or residential containers. The technical department will design a container or container set which fulfilling your most sophisticated requirements and adapting to the conditions of construction.

Examples of the use of the products offered by our company are:

  • conference and sanitary containers,
  • changing rooms,
  • car showrooms,
  • information points and the gatehouses,
  • points of sale,
  • garages,
  • day rooms,
  • hotels.

In addition to the above mentioned products, we also offer a wide selection of storage containers for storage of various materials. These containers can be used as a lockable storage on building, tool rooms, engine rooms and others.

In addition to the typical container is possible to manufacture special containers, which may have non-standard sizes, additional doors in the front or  side walls, cavities, and other index.

Containers may be equipped with air conditioning and additional heating, which in the summer or winter creates comfortable conditions for work or reside.

In parallel, we propose the purchase of complete fencing with trapezoidal tinware or openwork made of welded, galvanized mesh.