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Benders and shears for steel

Benders and shears for steel

Our offer was extended the new group of devices as benders, shears and combined machines for reinforcing bars processing. Machines are manufactured in Italy by Sirmex company of the best materials on the market and provide in a simple way to form reinforcing bars, stirrups and spirals according to the technical design. The result of the manufacturer's experience in designing and diligence and reliability is the satisfaction and good reputation among customers all over the world. Perfect proportions of quality to money make the devices from Sirmex certainly find favor among Polish demanding customers.

Our offer includes dozens of models of equipment for processing reinforcing steel:

  • benders to rods with a maximum diameter 46 mm and a maximum diameter of stirrups 16 mm,
  • combined machins to rods with a maximum diameter 30 m,
  • shears to cut the rods with a maximum diameter 40 mm.

Depending on the type BENDERS SIRMEX are designed to bending reinforcing bars (rebar) with a diameter from 10 to 46 mm. Equipped with reversing mechanism, allow to rotation of the table in both directions ion a fullrange. The angle of rotation of the table is adjustable with high accuracy by means of steel stops. Bender turns off automatically and returns to its original position after it reaches the angle of rotation limiting.

Electric benders to stirrups are designed to form stirrups of polygonal shapes and different lengths of the sides. In carrying out the same items can be obtained from the productivity from 700 to 1000 per hour (depending on the diameter of the wire). Bender is equipped with a bending angle corrector allows to precisely adjust its size.

SHEARS SIRMEX are designed to cut reinforcing bars to proper length. Shears make working on construction sites much easier.