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Gallantry for ferroconcrete

Gallantry for ferroconcrete

Gallantry for ferroconcrete is an essential element used in modern construction, where great attention is given to the quality and aesthetics of the performance of ferroconcrete elements. We sell items for ferroconcrete as concrete spacers to reinforcement horizontal and vertical made of PVC and concrete, covering pipes for the tie rods, cones, plugs, caps, liquid anti-adhesive, sealing systems, hoses, bentonite tapesw, etc.

Products commonly referred to as wheel type concrete spacer, cookies, bananas, cones are available in our offer.

You can also purchase ready-made sealing systems, allowing to obtain 100% tightness in the holes after tie points in case the construction of tanks for liquids or gases, or in the case of external walls in buildings where there is a high level of the water column.

These types of seals are also use in the combination of two structural elements resulting from technological interruptions. In all of these critical positions, the use of sealing tape or hoses to avoid the corrosion of the reinforcement and the consequent failure of the structure.

Liquid anti-adhesive release increases the life of formwork and plating. Thanks to oily consistency plywood is protected by both against the weather, but mainly against chemical components and appendices in the concrete mix.