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Framework scaffolding - model PUM (dimensionally comparable with Plettac scaffolding)

Framework scaffolding - model PUM (dimensionally comparable with Plettac scaffolding)

PIONART frame scaffolding - model PUM (dimensionally comparable with Plettac scaffolding) has got Safety Certificate B No. B/02/004/12, issued by the Institute Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw and Certificate No. 235/022/2013, issued by the Institute of Work Safety in Prague.

The scaffolding consists mainly of steel components, hot galvanised to ensure permanent anti-corrosive protection.

Characteristic features of the main components:



For stand pipes and frame cups we use steel pipes, with steel of S355JRH grade with significantly increased strength parameters (yield point at 460 – 470 MPa). Such a high quality material allows for an application of pipes with wall thickness of 2.7 mm, what is compatible with PN-EN 12810-1:2010, the latest European standard on scaffolding systems. Such frames, as described, are lighter by 2 kg, while their parameters are better vs., those of traditional frames, made of S235JRH steel.


Profiled bolts, made of cold drawn bar and used for frame-deck joints, are the most characteristic solution, applied in this frame design, and allowing, among others, for rapid assembly and disassembly of decks.

Upper frame


The upper frame design ensures protection of the working field with guard rails, 0.6 and 1.0 m high from deck level. Moreover, the upper frame has got an integrated end toe board, protecting against dropping of objects from scaffold decks.



The scaffolding structure includes all the components of standard assembly kits, as required by effective and valid regulations, such as consoles, pedestrian frames, offset frames or braced girders, which allow scaffold assembly also on buildings with complex projections or solids.