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Framework scaffolding - model BAL (dimensionally comparable with Layher scaffolding)

PIONART frame scaffolding - model BAL (dimensionally comparable with Layher scaffolding) has got Safety Certificate B No. B/02/005/12, issued by the Institute Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw

The scaffolding consists mainly of steel components, hot galvanised to ensure permanent anti-corrosive protection.

Characteristic features of the main components:



A special pipe embossing machine, applied in the manufacturing process, provides stand pipes of BAL scaffold frames, made from one material piece, what significantly increases the frame joint strength in the upper part of the frame. The frame stand pipes are manufactured of material with significantly higher strength parameters,  in S355JRH grade and the yield point at 460-470 N/mm2. Such a high quality material allows for an application of pipes with wall thickness of 2.7 mm, what is compatible with PN-EN 12810-1:2010, the latest European standard on scaffolding systems.

The frame bearing element (specialty shaped C profile), is also made of S355J2 material with increased strength.

The wedges for guard rail mounting are made of  5 mm sheet. The wedges have got special embossed areas to increase their rigidity.  All the necessary tools – including dies and patterns for the production of wedges and pockets, have been designed and manufactured at our tool-making shop.

Steel deck

pomostThe applied roll forming technology, combined with material of appropriate characteristics, has enabled a deck design with special shape anti-slip surface, characterised by high rigidity and strength at relatively low weight. The catches for deck mounting on frames are manufactured of special steel in DD13 grade. The decks have got clamps for mounting on the scaffolding structure.


Access deck

pomostVertical access to particular scaffolding levels is possible via aluminium-plywood access decks with manhole and ladder. Access decks are produced of water-proof, anti-slip plywood, textured on one side with wire mesh imprint (Certificate of Compatibility with DIN 68705, Certificate of E1 Emission Class). Smooth aluminium profiles protect the decks from damage with belts in transport and handling. The catches for deck mounting on frames are manufactured of special steel in DD13 grade.


Diagonal braces

poręczOne end of diagonal braces, ensuring longitudinal rigidity of the structure, is specially profiled to be mounted under frame beam (C profile), while the other end has got a swivel semi-coupler (with a T-head bolt or a wedge).



The scaffolding structure includes all the components of standard assembly kits, as required by effective and valid regulations, such as consoles, pedestrian frames, offset frames or 0.19 m wide decks, which allow scaffold assembly on buildings also with complex projections or solids.